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What types of design projects does Sayler Studio specialize in
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Sayler Studio specializes in a wide range of design projects, including residential makeovers, vacation rental transformations, and more. We're dedicated to creating beautiful, functional spaces.

What sets Sayler Studio apart from other interior design firms?
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At Sayler Studio, we combine style, comfort, and function in equal parts, ensuring that each design is unique and tailored to your personality and lifestyle. Our Principal Designer, Beth Sayler, brings a wealth of experience and creativity to every project.

Can I use my existing furniture in the design, or do I need to purchase all new items?
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We understand the value of sentimental and existing pieces. You can certainly incorporate your current furniture into the design. We'll work with you to decide what stays and what can be updated to achieve your design goals.

Can we hire Sayler Studio for an out of state project or international project?
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Yes, we are happy to travel out of Southern California for your project and are experienced in working with clients from abroad. Please reach out to us for more details on how that works.

Do you offer virtual interior design services for clients outside your local area?
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Yes, we offer virtual interior design services to clients nationwide. Through virtual meetings, phone calls, and email communication, we can provide our expertise and create stunning designs for your space, no matter where you're located.